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Martin Hammond is a specialist motoring law solicitor who is chairperson of the Society of Motoring Law & managing director of Hammond Trotter Solicitors.

Martin Hammond - Drink Driving Solicitor

Ask a solicitor with knowledge on UK road traffic law, motoring law and drink driving law

You can obtain free expert legal advice from Martin on any aspect of drink driving, motoring & road traffic law via our online forum.

Simply create an account and log into our forum to post a question in the 'Ask A Solicitor - Free Legal Advice (Drink Driving Cases in England & Wales, UK)' section and GET COMPLETELY FREE LEGAL ADVICE

Martin has many years experience representing & defending clients charged with motoring offences such as drink driving, in fact this is all his law firm does.

Hammond Trotter Solicitors

Hammond Trotter Solicitors is a specialist law firm that deals exclusively in the defence of clients charged with motoring offences. They do not practice other areas of law & dedicate their time to practicing motoring law only.

Their team of solicitors and barristers, and those who work for them, have many years experience representing & defending motorists from all walks of life from from premiership footballers & high profile actors to the average man in the street.

Their dedication to motoring & road traffic law means they are specialists in this area of law and their knowledge on all technical aspects of motoring law, road traffic law & drink driving law is vast.

They treat each case individually and can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

If you have been charged with drink driving or any other motoring offence you can obtain free initial legal advice from Martin Hammond of Hammond Trotter Solicitors via our online forum.

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