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  • Insurance for drink drivers who were previously banned
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  • All levels of cover including third party, third party fire & theft and fully comprehensive
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When asked how long have you held your driving licence by insurers you should enter the date you passed your test to gain the licence you hold rather than the date you got your driving licence back after your disqualification.

View your driving licence online to obtain dates & details of disqualifications, endorsements & penalty points.

Insurance with a drink driving conviction

It can be difficult to find cheap car insurance with a drink driving conviction. Get quotes to help you find drink driving insurance cover that wont break the bank.

Insurers class drink drivers as a high risk to insure & increase premiums to reflect this fact. However, the cost of insurance can vary greatly between different insurance companies.

You can save money by shopping around & obtaining quotes from different insurance providers to find the best deal. Why pay more than you need to?

Compare drink driving insurance quotes

Fill out a short insurance quote form & you will receive quotes from specialist insurance companies who provide affordable insurance cover to drivers who have previously been banned from driving for committing offences such as drink driving.

Not all insurance companies appear on big brand comparison sites and many insurance companies often prefer to insure drivers with clean driving records, increasing the premiums for drivers with convictions considerably.

Find affordable insurance cover

Insurance companies that specialise in insuring convicted drivers are able to spread the cost of the higher risk across all drivers they insure with convictions allowing them to offer more affordable insurance policies to drivers with criminal and motoring convictions.

You will receive quotations from several convicted driver insurers that can best meet your requirements. We work in partnership with Seopa Ltd to help make it easier for you to find & compare insurance quotes from convicted driver insurance companies. Once you have submitted your details you will receive a number of quotes to consider.

The insurance comparison service allows convicted drivers to obtain insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies who specialise in providing non-standard, high risk insurance policies for drivers with convictions.

How long do I have to declare a drink driving conviction to insurers?

5 years. After five years your drink driving conviction will be classed as 'spent' under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

You do not need to declare 'spent' convictions to insurers. Any insurance company who relies on endorsements relating to spent convictions in order to disadvantage a driver and increase premiums is committing an unlawful breach of their statutory duty.

While driving disqualifications become spent at the end of the disqualification period, any driving licence endorsement received for the same offence does not become spent for 5 years running from the date of conviction.

How much does insurance cost with a drink driving conviction?

Convicted drink drivers are likely to see an increased cost for insurance for a period of five years following a drink driving conviction. You should shop around & get drink driving insurance quotes from different sources in order to find the best price.

The exact cost will vary greatly between different insurance companies & brokers. The cost will also depend on the level of cover required & your personal circumstances.

Tips to reduce the cost of car insurance after a drink driving conviction

Many insurance companies recognise and take into account the completion of The Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course.

Completing the drink driving course could see a reduction in insurance premiums and will decrease the length of your driving ban by up to twenty five percent.

As well as attending the drink driving rehabilitation course here are a few more tips to help you decrease your car insurance premiums:

  • Compare quotes. It pays to shop around and compare quotes from different insurance companies.
  • Accept a higher voluntary excess. Virtually all car insurance companies will require you pay a minimum voluntary excess, this is the amount you pay towards the cost of any claim made on your insurance policy. The higher this is, the less your insurance premium will be.
  • Limit the policy to cover to only specific named drivers as opposed to allowing anyone to drive the insured car with your permission.
  • Try to lower your annual mileage. The less you drive, the less likely you are to be involved in an accident.
  • Increase vehicle security. Motor vehicles available in the UK market are assessed by the insurance industry's research centre Thatcham to establish the level of standard fit security. Owners of vehicles that are fitted with security systems that meet the Thatcham criteria may well benefit from reduced premiums. Older cars may also benefit if subsequently fitted with a security system that meets the criteria.
  • Keep your car in a secure location such as a garage or driveway when not in use.
  • Consider getting a car with a low insurance group rating when you first take to the roads after a driving ban, this will help reduce your premium until your driving record improves again (this will usually be five years after any driving conviction/offence)

Car insurance cover for all drink driving convictions

You can find competitively priced insurance cover for all drink driving related convictions including convictions for being in charge of a vehicle while exceeding the legal limit, failure to provide a specimen for analysis convictions and of course driving while exceeding the legal limit.

If you are a driver with any endorsement on your driving licence including those listed below you can browse quotes on the insurance comparison service to help you get insurance cover for your vehicle.

Drink driving endorsement codes
(these driving licence endorsements remain on driving licence 11 years from date of conviction)
DR10Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit3 - 11
DR20Driving or attempting to drive while unfit through drink3 - 11
DR30Driving or attempting to drive then failing to supply a specimen for analysis3 - 11
DR31Driving or attempting to drive then refusing to give permission for analysis of a blood sample that was taken without consent due to incapacity3 - 11
DR61Refusing to give permission for analysis of a blood sample that was taken without consent due to incapacity in circumstances other than driving or attempting to drive10
(these driving licence endorsements remain on driving licence 4 years from date of offence)
DR40In charge of a vehicle while alcohol level above limit10
DR50In charge of a vehicle while unfit through drink10
DR60Failure to provide a specimen for analysis in circumstances other than driving or attempting to drive10
DR70Failing to co-operate with a preliminary roadside test4