A Guide To SORN and your Vehicle

This guide will cover everything you need to know about SORN including how to SORN a vehicle and how to cancel a SORN in order to get a vehicle that is declared as SORN back on the road again. If you own a vehicle in the UK you must either tax the vehicle (even if … Read more


Apply for driving licence after a ban in the UK

When you can apply for a driving licence after a disqualification in the UK will depend on whether or not you are classed as a high risk offender. You can make an application for a driving licence: 56 days before your disqualification is due to end; or 90 days before your disqualification is due to … Read more

Convicted Driver Insurance

Affordable insurance for drivers with criminal convictions, motoring convictions or penalty points. Great value convicted driver insurance cover at a price you can afford.

Check your driving licence online

Check your Driving Licence Online

Useful for checking details of any penalty points & disqualifications, the classes of vehicle you can drive & for drivers who have taken a DVLA medical to see if their driving licence has been issued. Details you need to check your driving licence online: View your driving licence online Your driving licence number Your national … Read more

Road Traffic Accident

Is your car insurance invalid if you drink & drive?

If you have an accident while driving above the legal limit,  your insurer is obligated under the Road Traffic Act to pay out for the costs of claims by third parties. Be warned though, many insurance companies will then attempt to recover these costs from the policy holder. You generally wont be able to claim … Read more

How to request a copy of your CDT test result from the DVLA?

The DVLA will usually not provide you with the result of your CDT blood test over the telephone. In order for the DVLA to give you this information you will need to make a subject access request in writing. You can make a subject access in writing by either post or email. Email: subjectaccess.requests@dvla.gov.uk Postal … Read more


DVLA Medical Complaints Procedure

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is a Government executive agency sponsored by the Department of Transport. The DVLA are responsible for the registration and licensing of both drivers and vehicles in Great Britain. How to make a DVLA medical complaint Appealing a DVLA decision in court They are also responsible for ensuring that … Read more

Blood Sample if Breath Test between 40 & 50 mcg

If you blow between 40 and 50 micrograms of alcohol per 100ml of breath on an evidential breath testing machine can you request to provide a blood or urine sample instead? The short answer is no you cannot request to replace a breath sample with a blood or urine sample if you blow between 40 … Read more

DVLA Medical Department Contact Details

You may need to contact the DVLA medical department if you have a medical condition or disability you need to tell them about. You may need to contact the DVLA medical department if you have an enquiry relating to a medical condition or disability the DMG (Drivers Medical Group) are currently assessing. You can contact … Read more

How long after drinking can I drive?

How long after drinking can I drive? The answer is it depends on how much alcohol you have drank and the strength of the alcohol consumed. According to the NHS, on average, it takes approximately 1 hour for a person’s body to break down 1 unit of alcohol. 1 unit of alcohol is equal to … Read more