Insurance Quotes for Drink Drivers with DR10 Licence Endorsements

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Convicted Drink Driver Insurance QuotesConvicted Drink Driver Insurance Quotes

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A driving licence endorsement is classed as a conviction. The rehabilitation period for driving licence endorsements is a period of five years, after which they will be classed as 'spent'. You must declare all 'unspent' convictions to insurers when required to do so. More information can be found here. is a trading style of DFT Media Ltd, a company registered in England (7976649) who are registered and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (599228) as Appointed Introducer Representatives.

(the following licence endorsements remain on driving licence for 11 years from date of conviction)
DR10 Driving or attempting to drive while exceeding the legal limit 6 points

Some insurance companies specialise in offering competitively priced insurance policies for drivers with DR10 licence endorsements. Search and compare cheap insurance quotes for drink drivers.

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It pays to shop around for car insurance, especially when you are a drink driver convicted of a motoring offence such as drink driving. The difference between prices from one insurance company to another can be vast, literally hundreds of pounds!

Drink driver insurance policies can vary in price depending on how you obtain your quote. If you obtain an insurance quote from an insurance broker or price comparison web site, the price you are quoted will usually be different from the price you are quoted if you obtained a quote from an insurance company directly. It pays to shop around and compare convicted drink driver insurance quotes from as many sources as possible.

The insurance comparison service we use allows convicted drivers to obtain insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies who specialise in providing non-standard, high risk insurance policies for convicted drink drivers.

Cheap Convicted Drink Driver Insurance Quotes

Tips to reduce insurance cost

All drivers who have been convicted of drink driving will encounter significantly higher car insurance prices compared to what they were previously paying. Some insurance companies will not even insure drivers with a drink driving conviction! The bad news is this is unavoidable. The good news is many insurance companies specialise in providing cover for drivers with convictions and it may not actually cost as much as you think to insure a car if you are a convicted drink driver with an endorsement on your driving licence.

Some motor car insurance companies offer specialist convicted drivers insurance policies. These insurance policies will help keep your premiums low despite a drink driving conviction. Many insurance companies also recognise and take into account the completion of The Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course. Completing this course can reduce your premiums even further, along with decreasing the length of your driving ban by up to twenty five percent.

Research has shown that many drink drivers learn from past mistakes and the chances of re-offending are often slim. Only around 12% of offenders are convicted of a second offence within 10 years.

Tips to reduce cost of car insurance After Drink Driving Conviction

As well as attending the drink driving rehabilitation course here are a few more tips to help you decrease your car insurance premiums:

  • Buy your insurance online. It may be cheaper to buy your insurance policy online rather than going through a call centre and many companies offer discounts for doing so.
  • Accept a higher voluntary excess. Virtually all car insurance companies will require you pay a minimum voluntary excess, this is the amount you pay towards the cost of any claim made on your insurance policy. The higher this is, the less your insurance premium will be.
  • Limit the policy to cover to only specific named drivers as opposed to allowing anyone to drive the insured car with your permission.
  • Try to lower your annual mileage. The less you drive, the less likely you are to be involved in an accident.
  • Increase vehicle security. Motor vehicles available in the UK market are assessed by the insurance industry's research centre Thatcham to establish the level of standard fit security. Owners of vehicles that are fitted with security systems that meet the Thatcham criteria may well benefit from reduced premiums. Older cars may also benefit if subsequently fitted with a security system that meets the criteria.
  • Keep your car in a secure location such as a garage or driveway when not in use.

Adding a responsible driver to the policy who has a good clean driving record with no convictions or claims could also help to keep premiums low, especially if the driver in question will drive the car quite a lot in which case it may work out even cheaper if they were on the policy as the main driver.

Another factor to consider is the insurance group rating of your car. All cars are listed under a particular insurance group. The greater the cost of a car to repair and the greater the engine size & speed of a car usually means it will fall into a higher insurance group rating. The higher the insurance group rating, the higher the insurance premium will be. The reverse is also true.

Consider getting a car with a low insurance group rating when you first take to the roads after a driving ban, this will help reduce your premium until your driving record improves again (this will usually be five years after any driving conviction/offence).

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