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Designated Driver Scheme

Get yourself a designated driver or a taxi! It's better than the alternative.

The Designated Driver

A designated driver is a person who abstains from alcohol on a night out in order to drive his/her friends home safely. Having a designated driver is a safe alternative to drink driving.

In order to encourage these arrangements, some licensees will offer free non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers.

The designated driver scheme originates and was first developed in Scandinavia in the 1920's. The concept is now known and practiced worldwide thanks to heavy involvement by television networks and public service announcements. Reference to the designated driver scheme have appeared in TV shows such as "Cheers", "L.A Law" and "The Cosby Show".

With endorsements from a broad range of individual's, TV shows and organisations the designated driver scheme quickly became an international movement.

The designated driver scheme has became increasingly popular in the UK with the help of celebrities such as Gary Lineker, Graeme La Saux and the help, support and promotion of the scheme by football clubs, radio stations, police, licensing offices and thousands of pubs, clubs and bars nationwide.

The basic concept of the scheme is simple: if you are going out with friends for a few drinks and are taking a car, make sure you nominate a non-drinking designated driver, a 'Des'. The 'Des' can be male or female, and certainly needn’t be the same person every time.

The Des does not even have to be on a night out with you, they can be on call whenever you need them to give you a lift home. If they are on a night out with you, remember to keep them in the conversation and make sure they have a good time too!!

Be tonights designated driver and have a soft drink

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